Bishop Sandra Coston, Founder & Visionary


Sandra Rowe Coston was born and raised in Philadelphia, PA.  She graduated from Martin Luther King High School, and then attended Lincoln University in Oxford Pennsylvania.  During her college years at Lincoln, she met her future husband, Michael J. Coston Sr.  From this union, they were blessed with three children: Michael Jr., Keith, and Joy.


Through the years leading up to her adulthood, Sandra Coston was a member of the New Rising Sun Baptist Church, Philadelphia, PA under the leadership of Rev. Charles Bolger and Morning Star Holiness Church, Philadelphia, PA under the leadership of Overseer Julius Pope.  In 1982, the Lord called her to serve at Refuge Deliverance Holiness Church, Philadelphia, PA under the leadership of Bishop Daniel T. Outen.  After six years of faithful service as a missionary, she was ordained as an evangelist.  Three years later, she was elevated to the position of Assistant Pastor.  She served in this capacity for five years.


In 1996 God called her to be the Pastor of Deliverance Evangelistic Temple, which is located in Norristown, Pennsylvania.  Under Bishop Coston’s dynamic leadership and teaching, many ministries have been established and continue to bear fruit.  God has blessed Bishop Coston with the heart of a servant, therefore, to name all the ministries that she has implemented would be too numerous to mention.  To name a few, counseling, evangelism, prison, hospital, nursing home, women’s fellowship, youth and Servants Serving Ministries have all been established.  Also, weekly literacy and computer classes were put in place to serve the community.


For many years Bishop Coston operated in the ministry of teaching, mentoring, and helping her fellow pastors and clergymen.  Her knowledge of the word of God, protocol and procedures has opened up a door for the creation of the Ministry Development Center in 2009, a center to develop, train, teach and provide quality pastors, ministers, deacons and missionaries to serve the community and world so that they can fully operate.  In October 2011, she was consecrated to the office of Bishop over the Deliverance Covenant Fellowship of Churches, Inc.


Bishop Coston is an active member of the community.  She has served as a member of the Philadelphia Council of Clergy, has served as chairperson for the Health Maintenance Organizations, Co-Chairperson of the Montgomery County Systems of Care, and the Montgomery County Community Unit.  She has also served as the Coordinator for the School Release Program of Norristown and has been involved in the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA).  Pastor Coston was elected to serve on the Executive Board as treasurer of the Norristown Ministerium and over the years worked faithfully as director and treasurer of the Program Activities for Partners for Families.  Her love and concern for the souls of God has been the driving force in her community involvement.


Bishop Coston has attended Temple University, Lincoln University, and Manna Bible Institute.  She received her Bachelor of Science degrees in Management and Urban Ministry from Geneva College, the Center for Urban Theological Studies.  While at Geneva College, Bishop Coston became the recipient of the distinguished Fellowship Award.  One of her most successful achievements has been publishing her first book entitled, “Feed the Hungry”.  Bishop Coston was graced with the opportunity of early retirement from Aetna/US Healthcare after many years of service.  This blessing allowed her to serve full time as pastor of Deliverance Evangelistic Temple.  She currently resides in Gulph Mills, PA.  She continues to be faithful to her calling regarding Deliverance Evangelistic Temple, and still finds time to sponsor various community events, workshops and seminars concerning Spirit-filled living in order to bless ministries in other parts of the vineyard.


In the infinite wisdom and greatness of God, He saw fit to call home to Glory, our own dearly beloved Bishop,  Sandra R. Coston.   A true woman of God. One of God’s faithful warriors who fought the good fight of faith, loved God, and preached the Gospel fervently without fear or favor. Truly the loss of our Bishop is great, but God is able to carry on the work.  The legacy and vision that was birthed for Deliverance Evangelistic Temple shall continue with Gods help.




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